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Current Novel Study

Underground to Canada is a novel about hope for the future. The story is set during the time of slavery in the United States. The novel depicts the hardships of slaves and brings to life the courage, faith and knowledge of run away slaves; as well as, the conductors of the Underground Railroad. The story reveals the historical significance of Canada as "the Promised Land". The novel further provides an inspirational theme, moving imagery and a realistic and somewhat accurate historical context. In your own words (blog), comment on how symbolism and history work together to prove your interpretation of the theme.


Anonymous said...

Underground To Canada

I believe the theme of 'Underground to Canada' is to never give up on you dreams. I believe this because of some historical mentions in this novel.

One of these mentions, is that of Dr. Ross. He relates to dreams, because he had his own dream. To abolish slavery in the United States. He helped a lot of slaves to escape to Canada. He did this by singing songs, and sometimes teaching new ones.

The second mention of history is the songs the slaves sung. They helped the slaves find, and accomplish their dreams. The songs also told them how to find their dreams. To get to Canada's border, where Levi Coffin would take them further.

The last historical mention in this story is that of Levi Coffin. He also helped the slaves get to Canada by boating across Lake Erie. He helped them finish their journey to their dreams, making them a reality.

All these historical mentions help acheive dreams, and make them real.

Kyle H
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Anonymous said...

I believe that the theme of Undeground To Canada is that no matter where, or who you are, there will always be one friend there for you.

Levi Coffin devoted his life as the leader of the Quakers and a well know abolitionist. Mr. Coffin saved millions of lives by doing simple things such as giving hungry slaves food, cold slaves clothes, and thirsty ones relief. Another well known friend to slaves was Mr. Alexander Ross.

Mr. Ross was most of the slaves' starting points, the one who gave them the idea of freedom. Mr. Ross was the bird scientist who had hidden his true abolitionist identity. He told the slaves the codes like Friends of a Friend, he also told them about the stars, who were also the slaves companions.

The stars lead the slaves to Canada
by the big dipper and the north star, becoming the most common thing slaves saw.The slaves knew with the north star leading them, they'd get to the promise land.All of the slaves' friends helped them through their excrutiatingly painful journey to the promise land.

In conclusion, no matter where they were, or if they even had the same coloured skin as the person, they had one friend at least. A friend to guide them along, or sit along for the ride.


Anonymous said...

Underground To Canada Theme

The theme of “Underground to Canada” is that there is always hope. An example of hope is Mr. Ross. Mr. Ross represents hope because now the slaves know that there are actually white people who are trying to save the slaves. Mr. Ross is like the stars. He is a symbol of hope. The stars are a symbol of hope. The stars are a symbol of hope because when it is dark they shine brightly and guide them to Canada. Stars guide the way just like songs do.
The songs the slaves sing are also a symbol of hope. Singing about Canada represents hope because they are beginning with the end in mind. In conclusion they all represent freedom by means of guidance.

By: Wilson Magoo

Jessica Smith said...

The theme of the novel "Underground to Canada" is to never give up on your dreams.

Dr.Ross helped all the slaves that he could, to help them get to Canada.He gave every slave that he helped directions to get to each destination on the Underground Railroad. Despite the fact that he could have been arrested or badly injured, Dr. Ross never gave up on his dream to help slave find thier way to Canada, to live freely.

The stars were a big help back when their was slavery in the United States.The basic thing that helped slaves find their way to Canada at night were the bright stars in the sky.The slaves would follow the north star which would lead them towards Canada. The slaves could almost always depend on the stars to lead them towards the 'promise land'. Thus making the slaves not give up on their dreams.

All slaves worked together to help each other escape to Canada by singing songs which were actually secret messages that only slaves would know of.Each song sung by a slave would have a certain message inside of the song, which gave directions to Canada.Other slaves never gave up on their dreams to reach Canada, so they would help others to reach Canada too.

All of my historical references support the theme because all of them show the way to Canada. Dr. Ross helped slaves get to Canada. The stars lead run away slaves to Canada and the slaves helped each other find a way to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Underground To Canada is a novel witch represents not to give up, you can do it. I believe this is the theme to Underground To Canada because Canada abolished slavery not knowing where they would end up, if they could abolish slavery or not? Canada did end up abolishing slavery because they didn’t back down, they didn’t give up, they stood there ground to free slavery. Witch did happen many people contributed to freeing the slaves and abolishing slavery.

An example of someone who abolished slaves would be Dr. Ross a character in Underground to Canada, a bird scientist who freed slaves without getting caught. Dr. Ross was one contributor to freeing slaves and abolishing slavery. Dr. Ross never gave up on freeing slaves, Dr. Ross risked his life for so many more people. There where posters of Dr.Ross up everywhere he was wanted, but Dr. Ross kept ahead of the signs and kept on going to save more and more slaves, he never gave up. Dr. Ross and Levi Coffin worked like a team.

Levi Coffin saved more then one person, but for every one person Levi Coffin freed it brought every slaves self of steam up. It gave the others more hope to not give up. If they receive news that Julilly and Liza escaped to Canada, it would give the others hope and courage. The others may just follow the star it’s just one more symbol that represents to never give up. Look how far Levi, Dr. Ross and the North star got Julilly and Liza, they never gave up.

None of these characters gave up? Look how far its getting them they are already in Canada.

By: Jaimie Tufford

Anonymous said...

The theme of Underground to Canada is that you should never give up, no matter how hard times can and will get, keep pushing on until you know that you tried your hardest to fulfill your dreams.

One example of the theme occurs when the fugitive slaves escaped. This reference supports the theme because the slaves were hopeful and set out to escape slavery and even through all the beatings and hardships they did not once give up or give in. This is an example because when Adam and Lester were caught they did not give up but fought their way out of the hands of the slave catchers and kept on fighting to get to the promise land. The slaves could not of possibly done this on their own so this is where Dr. Ross came in.

Dr. Ross was an actual bird scientist who came and aided the slaves. Dr. Ross came under the cover of the bird scientist but his real intention was to set free the slaves and plan their getaways. He planned the escape for Lester, Adam, Julilly, and Liza and even though there was wanted posters everywhere for him this did not stop him from doing what his heart was telling him to do; free the slaves and abolish slavery. These escapes were planned down to almost every detail and there were many stops along the railway including the houses of Quaker Abolitionists.

The Quaker Abolitionists were white men and women that totally did not believe in slavery and in result, it was there hope and desire to get rid of slavery completely. These Quakers played a huge part in the escape of slaves because along the course of the route to Canada there were safe houses along the way that were to give the fugitives protection and nourishment until they were ready to keep moving on. The Quaker Abolitonists knew that there was to be enormous consenquences for stowing away slaves but because they knew slavery was wrong these threats did not make them back down in fact it made them that much stronger and toughened their wills. The Quakers played a huge role in history because without them there would have been no chance for the slaves to get to Canada and become free people.

Fugitive slaves escaped, Dr. Ross being a slave helper, Quaker Abolitionists all these things support the main idea because of the fact they never gave up and even though there could have been major punishment they did what they knew was right and in the end there was good conquering evildoers.

edited version, By: McKenzie

Anonymous said...

The main idea of Underground To Canada is that somebody will always be there for you no matter how hard things get or how much you struggle. Somebody will be there to help.

Dr. Ross was one of those people. Dr. Ross would help the slaves by stealing them from the slave owners and guiding them to Canada. He was there for the slaves through their struggle and through all the hard work of getting to Canada. When Dr. Ross could help them know more thats when Levi Coffin would help.

Levi Coffin would take the slaves across lake Erie in a boat. He would boat them to Canada where they could be free of slavery. But what helped the slaves through their journey the most was each other.

The other slaves were always there for each other. Weather it was cutting there hair, lifting their ankle cuffs or just giving tips like the north star and the guiding songs. The slaves were always there for each other the whole journey to Canada.

All of these historical events support and prove that through struggle and hard times somebody will always be there for you. Weather its just to keep you company or to save your life you will always have help.


Ms.K said...

I am impressed with your use of linking statements to connect your examples. Well done everyone!

Ms.K said...

I am impressed with your use of linking statements to connect your examples. Well done everyone!